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MacContacts.fp3 version 1.0 (mac-contacts-10.hqx)

Download mac-contacts-10.hqx (297,629 KB)

From: Michael Clasen
Subject: MacContacts.fp3 version 1.0

This database is provided as is as a contact manager. It allows you
to create categories on the fly, create simple email messages, launch
URL's and is a general contact manager.

These layouts are designed for a minimum of a 600 x 800 screen and is
optimized for FileMaker version 4.0; It will work for version 3.0 but
not all features will work.

I release it as it for a shareware fee of $25.00 for that amount I
will provide the password to unlock the scripts and layouts for
further customization.

Please pay this fee if you find this product useful.
Contact me at for further information
Thanks in advance