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MacChef 2.0.3 (mac-chef-203.hqx)

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Subject: MacChef 2.0.3

MacChef 2.0.3 is a HyperCard stack designed primarily to archive recipe
textfiles downloaded from the Web and from Usenet groups like This version was produced with HyperCard 2.4.1 and
requires HyperCard or HyperCard Player.

MacChef 2.0.3 contains over 600 recipes and is much faster than the
original. It includes a search operation and a batch print procedure that
version 1.0 did not have, and the interface on the Help Card is much easier
to work with. MacChef is shareware (US $10) but you may modify it as you


Version History

1.0 Written April 1995. Basic HyperCard stack containing 100 recipes.

2.0 Written April 1999. Increased sorting speed (by eliminating
unnecessary sorting). Added a search function. Added pop-up fields on Help
card. Recipe count had grown to more than 500.

2.0.1 Written May, 1999. Redesigned button sizes and placement. Made field
sizes and placement uniform from card to card. Added color.

2.0.2 Written June, 1999. Corrected a problem in which the program would
forget selected categories when returning to the Contents card, even
though categories had not been cleared. (In other words, the category would
still be displayed in the Categories Selected field, but the program would
display ALL recipes in the Contents field.

2.0.3 Written August, 1999. Eliminated error messages in HyperCard Player
and non-color versions of HyperCard.

Bob Boston (