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ANNOUCE: Ibacom Security plugin fc1 released (ibacom-security-10.hqx)

Download ibacom-security-10.hqx (86,917 KB)

From: "Kefauver, Charles"
Subject: ANNOUCE: Ibacom Security plugin fc1 released

We are pleased to announce the final release of IbacomSecurity
plugin, a WebSTAR® compatible plug-in to help solve some issues
pertaining to security. Many CGIs (or plug-ins) allow the user too
much access to the server, specially those that allow execution of
AppleScript commands. Most, if not all, current CGIs do not allow a
folder by folder configuration, and therefore any user that has FTP
access to a WebSTAR server, has complete access to any installed CGI.

What IbacomSecurity does is to limit the execution of a particular
CGI to a certain number of folders, although once a folder is cleared
for access, the CGI has full control of the machine. This plug-in
does not limit what any CGI can do, but only limits which URLs can be

Best regards,