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eContact 1.1.1 (econtact.hqx)

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From: "Sebastian Munz"
Subject: eContact 1.1.1

eContact 1.1.1 is a Adressmanaging Tool for everybody. It is based
on FileMaker 4.0 and it is only avaible in GERMAN.

You don't need the FileMaker-Programm to run this Application,
because it is based on a Runtime-Version.

You can use it to manage your adressdata, write eMails or normal
mails, print adresslists, envelops or even adress-stickers.
eContact 1.1.1 supports eMails, WWW-Adresses and a lot more.
Just take a look.

System requirements:
* System 7.0 or later
* 68040 better Power Macintosh with at least 16 MB of RAM
* 3 MB on the hard drive
* 15 Monitor with minimum 256 Colors