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directMAIL.sit (directmail.hqx)

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Subject: directMAIL.sit

directMAIL is a cross-platform contact manager and mass-mail producer that
simplifies direct-mail campaigns. Instead of using separate contact and
word-processing software to send letters, directMAIL users can handle these
tasks in one place. Letters can be sent to any group of contacts, either
via print or e-mail.

directMAIL also allows FileMaker Pro developers to easily add a
correspondence module to their custom database solutions.This version is a
set of FileMaker Pro templates. A stand-alone version and more information
is available at

directMAIL Features:

* directMAIL is fully cross-platform. It is available as a stand-alone
application or as a set of FileMaker Pro templates.
* directMAIL contains a basic contact manager with the ability to
store first and last names, company name, address, e-mail, web address,
four phone numbers (with editable phone type labels), and comments for
each contact.
* Contacts can be assigned to one or more user-definable groups for
quick printing or searching.
* Contacts are fully searchable.
* Form letters can be edited, previewed and saved.
* Merge fields matching the Contacts database can be inserted into
a form letter with the click of a button.
* Spell check services are available when editing form letters.
* Letters can be sent to a printer, to contacts via e-mail, or output
as Avery 5160 mailing labels.
* Letters and labels can be sorted by name, company, or zip code.
* Letters can be sent to the current contact, a group of contacts, or
a found set of contacts.
* Full, extensive on-line help is available from every screen.
* You can import existing data into the contacts database.
* Developers can purchase an unlocked version of directMAIL to
implement into their own custom FileMaker Pro solutions.

Jeff Nesheim