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DictMaker 1.1.4 (dictmaker-114.hqx)

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From: (Halldor Gislason)
Subject: DictMaker 1.1.4

DictMaker is an application for creating, searching and maintaining
dictionaries or reference lists of any kind. Driven by a high
performance database engine it is fast, robust and reliable. It is a
tool that can be used to maintain and distribute dictionaries, common
terminology and reference information of any kind.
The interface is designed to make quick and easy to use with Quick Add
to speed up entry and in-place editing of terms and definitions to
minimize the need for additional dialogs and pop-ups. Search can be
customized with several options and is case-insensitive.
Dictionary creation is simpified by an Assistance guided process and
the ability to import text files directly into a dictionary.
Dictionaries can be exported as either as Plain Text or directly to web
pages with optional indexes.

Further information, updates, demos and dictionaries can be found at

Halldor Gislason