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DEVONthink PE 1.8.1b (devon-think-pe-181b.hqx)

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From: Christian Grunenberg
Subject: DEVONthink PE 1.8.1b

Short description:
Info manager, freeform database, notepad, scrapbook & outliner

Long description:
DEVONthink is the Mac incarnation of the real paperless office. It's a
notepad, outliner, scrapbook manager, information manager, freeform
database, archive, image database and bookmark manager - your personal
Èsupplementary brainÇ. DEVONthink is capable of intelligently storing
and organising all types of data like plain and text files, HTML, XML,
PDF documents and images. Put in whatever you want, organise it, let
DEVONthink search for it.

Key features:
- Stores whatever you like, from texts, images, PDF, HTML and XML to
- Is able to index contents only instead of storing them in the database
- Integrated browser based on Apple's WebKit (ÈSafari EngineÇ)
- Supports dynamic Wiki-style links and static cross links
- Helps you to sort in new stuff (auto-classify, see-also, keywords)
- Organises your stuff with a built-in, simple outliner
- Easy-to-use Finder-like user interface
- Advanced text editing including rulers, highlighting and realtime
word count
- Lightning-fast, intelligent search function
- Built to seamlessly integrate with Mac OS X

What's unique:
- Captures contents from the built-in browser
- Plays Quicktime movies and sound files
- Works with much more file formats than all alternatives
- Imports and exports huge amounts of data extremely fast
- Works flawlessly with huge databases (>300 MB)
- Does not need indexing but searches faster than the competition
- Stays highly performant even with big databases, i.e. double the size
of the database does not mean half the performance


NEW Discounts for students available
NEW Default toolbar item to choose the view of browser windows
NEW "Zoom To Fit" toolbar item and revised default toolbar of image

Improved Search popup menu and field of browser toolbar combined
Improved Commands of "Zoom" popup ("All Pixels", "Original Size", "Zoom
To Fit/Width") of image windows moved to "View" menu
Improved Left/Right/Up/Down arrow keys, Shift-Space/Page Up and
Space/Page Down keys scroll images/PDF documents one line or page in
the desired direction. Note: Already available shortcuts for PDF
documents include Home/Command-Up (First Page), End/Command-Down (Last
Page), Command-Left (Previous Page), Command-Right (Next Page) and all
shortcuts are therefore equal to those of Apple's Preview.
Improved Shortcut of "Zoom To Fit" changed to Command-0
Improved Shortcut of "Launch" command changed to Command-Control-O
Improved Shortcut Command-Option-O opens the selection and closes the
current browser window (similar to Option-Double-Clicking on the
Improved Almost all settings except real preferences are now database
specific (preparation for DT Pro's database packages)
Improved Paths of files copied to the database folder/package are
stored relative to this folder/ package (necessary for DT Pro)
Improved "Toggle Outline" contextual menu command and "Checkbox" option
of info panel renamed to "Show/Hide State"
Improved "Destroy" command renamed to "Delete All Instances"
Improved Faster verification before flushing contents back to disk (up
to two times faster)
Improved Faster case insensitve search (and toolbar search)
Improved Stability of kernel and user interface

Fixed Import of plain text clipping files (.textClipping extension or
'clpt' HFS type) didn't recognize unicode text. In addition, the
default encoding (see preferences) is used for all other plain text
Fixed Preview of indexed/linked plain text documents sometimes used the
rich instead of the plain text font
Fixed Number of words displayed in the info panel was sometimes not
identical to the one displayed in windows
Fixed Changing the "Check spelling as you type" preference wasn't
applied to already opened browser windows
Fixed After toggling between note pad/outliner views, "See
Also"/"Classify" did not work if there was a document selected
Fixed No more temporary path for PDF documents printed to DEVONthink
and copied into the database
Fixed Timeout for pdftotext/TextLightning tasks was too small and
therefore retrieving/converting the text of huge PDF documents was
sometimes not possible
Fixed Folder action scripts are now real scripts again (instead of
Fixed Sorting by kind was sometimes not updated after modifying the
path/URL of an item
Fixed The relevance of search results was sometimes not correct if
"Phrase"/"Wildcards" and "Content" options were active
Fixed Ungrouped groups were not removed from search/classify results
Fixed Rebuilding was not possible if the verification found some
errors. Now it's possible to continue or cancel.
Fixed Bug of French localization resulting in a too small title column
of list views fixed
Fixed "Append To Rich Note" service did not work
Fixed Crash after dragging unsupported files to icon views of note
pad/outliner views
Fixed Crash after deleting the last search result

Commercial/Trial (US $40)


System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.2.x and Safari 1.x or Mac OS X 10.3.x


Product Page:

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