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DataMover 1.1.3 -- move data between stacks and other databases (datamover-113.hqx)

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From: Peter Brigham

Subject: DataMover 1.1.3 -- move data between stacks and other databases

Although Hypercard by its very nature is structured as a database, there

has been no universal way to move data back and forth between Hypercard

and other databases — until now. DataMover is designed to move data

between Hypercard stacks and databases such as FileMaker or Palm

applications like JFile or HanDBase — or even a MS Word table or Excel

file. With this stack you can extract data from any other stack into a

text file, with user-defined field and record delimiters. Such text

files (the most commonly used type of which is the CSV or

"comma-separated values" format) can be read or imported by FileMaker or

Excel or converted by easily available applications to your favorite

Palm database format. DataMover can also import data from CSV files (or

similar text files using other delimiters) generated by any database

into any suitably designed Hypercard stack. Now any data you find can be

put into a stack, or vice versa!

In fact, you can also transfer data from one stack to another. Export

data from selected fields in one stack as a delimited text file, then

import some or all of it into a second stack. DataMover allows you to

move data between any two stacks — even very different stacks.


(c) 2001-2 Peter M. Brigham

Requires Hypercard 2.3+, works on System 7.0+. PPC processor will be

faster, but not required.

Should go in Data Management