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CookWare Deluxe 2.1 - Description (cookware-deluxe-21.hqx)

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Subject: CookWare Deluxe 2.1 - Description

Now you can add a clean, uniform recipe in seconds instead of minutes, just
select the Recipe Title and click a button, select the Ingredients and click
a button - CookWare Deluxe fills-in the recipe for you! Incredible!
Plan your meals for the week and print a grocery list for them. Plan meals
easier using the new recipe linking feature.
Create your own cookbooks; maybe a family heirloom cookbook. Print your
cookbook with one of the two styles available, and give it to your kids or
friends. Recipes don't even need to be printed, email them; or exchange them
with another CookWare Deluxe user.
CookWare Deluxe makes collecting and organizing your recipes really simple.
Adding a recipe couldn't be easier, just drag and drop your recipe from a
text file into CookWare Deluxe, categorize it and you're finished!

One of the many great features of CookWare Deluxe is its ability to create a
Shopping List. Print it or maybe email it to your spouse for pick-up on the
way home? With CookWare Deluxe, rather than searching for information, it
comes to you with one click! Such as emailing, food pairing, quantity
conversions, cooking temperatures and much more! You can find a recipe by
using any combination of recipe name, course, region, ingredient, rating and
more. It's simple and fast! You can print single recipes or a menu, even a
small index for quick reference. Maybe you'd like to put your recipes into a
three-ring binder, CookWare Deluxe prints tab-like descriptions so you can
easily find them. You can add details to a recipe such as a photo, notes and
much more.

You can also send a recipe to your friends via e-mail with just a a click.
The built-in help makes CookWare Deluxe even easier to use. Includes more
than 700 handpicked, wonderful recipes. If you love good food, this will
make a great addition to your kitchen.

Key Features -

[+] Time Tested! 10 years of refinement and support.
[+] Recipe Editor - cleans up the recipe, then fills-in the recipe
[+] Email recipes.
[+] Daily/weekly meal planner.
[+] Create your own cookbook.
[+] One-click recipe exchange with PC or Mac.
[+] Recommends recipes.
[+] Link recipes together.
[+] Built-in Help Dialogs and Illustrated .PDF User Manual.
[+] Spell checker with custom 2100 word food dictionary.
[+] One-click recipe backup.
[+] Print a single recipe, a menu, an index or to fit in a three-ring
[+] Find recipes by Keyword.
[+] Recipe Exchange.
[+] Print a Shopping list without printing the recipes.
[+] Auto synchronizes recipes between computers.
[+] iPod Ready Recipes. Save recipes in simple HTML, so they can be viewed
on an iPod.

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