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Cookie 1.1 (cookie-11.hqx)

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From: John Rethorst
Subject: Cookie 1.1

Quote/phrase/tip generator. Unlike others, its library is plain text, so
you can add or edit anything. Supports an unlimited number of quotes. Comes
with large library of classic quotations. Lets you choose between random or
sequential choices (useful for training). Displays a large variety of great
icons with the quotes, and user-chosen text for the OK button. Source code
is commented.

New in version 1.1: more options, faster, over twice as many icons, docs
cover editing of icons.

Unsolicited comments from users include: "A real nice little program . . .
could be used very nicely as a Tips and Tricks display for large workgroups
. . . Thanks very much . . . Popular Download [] . . . a fun

Free. Should replace data/cookie.hqx now on Info-Mac.

John Rethorst