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ContActInformtionSystem 1.0 (contact-info-10.hqx)

Download contact-info-10.hqx (384,043 KB)

Subject: ContActInformtionSystem 1.0

In a nutshell, ContACT Information System is a simple, straight forward,
WYSIWYG friendly contact information and record keeping system for those
who do not want to maneuver through a main menu screen. It stores and
manages personal and business info, addresses, phone numbers, automatic
dialing; small and big note keeping, a phone message area, automatic
notification of birthdays, call scheduling interacting with a "message
center", phone log which tracks, records and totals time per client or
customer, a "mail center" tracking letters, faxes, promo packages, etc.
scheduled to be sent, along with tracking a holiday card list, a two
page letter and label print layout, and more. ContACT Information System
is shareware and is virus free.

Minimum Requirements:
• FileMaker Pro™ 3.0v4 or later (not needed for runtime version).
• 68030 (Macintosh)
• Suggest minimum 14” monitor (640 x 480), 256 colors desirable.
• System 7.1 or later.
• A modem, if you want automatic phone dialing.
• A printer, if you want to print report information, labels, and