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Computer Cuisine Deluxe 4.0 for "Classic" Mac OS 8 and 9 (computer-cuisine-deluxe-40.hqx)

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From: Mike McGee
Subject: Computer Cuisine Deluxe 4.0 for "Classic" Mac OS 8 and 9

Inaka Software Announces Computer Cuisine Deluxe-- the complete
stand-alone recipe database solution for Mac OS X and "Classic" Mac OS 8 and 9.

Computer Cuisine Deluxe is by far the most efficient and simple way
to manage your home recipe database. It's features include a well
designed layout that makes adding, viewing, sorting, finding and
printing a snap. In addition to the simple, yet highly graphical
layout, Computer Cuisine Deluxe allows you to add an infinite number
of your own recipes to the existing database. Computer Cuisine
Deluxe no longer requires any other application to run. Simply launch
Computer Cuisine Deluxe, and enjoy.


* Totally redesigned interface! Added areas for notes, photos and
nutritional information for your recipes!

* New shopping list menu for creating grocery lists based off of the
recipes and ingredients you choose!

* Added conversions for easy US/Metric calculations

* The new Weekly Planner menu allows you to plan your meals for each
day of the week. You can print recipes based from the selected days
you choose!

* Nutritional Guide has been added to take advantage of advanced
calculations for counting calories based on your exact criteria!

* Updated Find Menu allows for even more detailed searches based on
your recipes.

* Photo Menu allows you to easily add photos to your food and dishes
to your recipes!

* Comes with complete spell-checking, data importing and system utilities!

* Over 1,000 recipes already entered for your convenience!

* Added commands which take advantage of email & web features!

* Enhanced graphical layout with simple to use menus and icons!

* Expanded conversion menu for easy calculations to and from U.S.
Standard and Metric!

* List your recipes by item, category, type, or servings! You can choose!

* A print menu which gives users the option of printing in color or
b&w, and in a small or large format!
(The small format folds to fit perfectly onto a 3x5" recipe card).

* Expanded sorting functions! The ability to sort huge recipe lists
with one simple click!

Computer Cuisine Deluxe 4.0:

MENUS: Buttons are located at the top of the layout for added
convenience. For example, just one of the buttons can sort all of
your recipes with the click of your mouse! In the main menu, Computer
Cuisine Deluxe will alphabetically sort all of your recipes and give
you a listing of your recipes from A-Z. This works much like the
index in any cookbook you own, however, this index is updated every
time you add or remove a recipe! Yet, that is just one of many
functions Computer Cuisine Deluxe has to offer!

And with the extensive search capabilities already built into the
program, you will now be able to search through all of the entered
recipes with the touch of a button! You don't even have to know the
exact name of the recipe, or ingredient.

PRINTING: Computer Cuisine Deluxe also makes printing your recipes a
snap. The Print Menu icon placed at the top of the layout, allows you
to choose the size and color of your recipes in one stroke. Computer
Cuisine Deluxe has five printing options to choose from. The
standard, or large size recipe will use the full paper size of (8 1/2
"x 11") for printing, to ensure an adequate amount of printing space.
The small recipe size will print recipes that once trimmed and folded
lengthwise, can fit perfectly on a (3"x5") index card!

PRICE: Just $19.95 US. (Shareware)

Computer Cuisine Deluxe rivals any commercial recipe program on the
market. There are versions for both Macintosh "Classic" OS and Mac OS
X. The easy to use menus and well designed layout make it the obvious
chose for anyone who wishes to store their recipes in a database. At
only a fraction of the cost of most recipe programs, Computer Cuisine
Deluxe can do it all.

(c)2004 Inaka Software. All rights reserved.