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CINEFAN (cinefan.hqx)

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From: Pierre Vernay
Subject: CINEFAN

CINEFAN is a huge cinema database. It includes more than 6200
films, among which approximately :
- 3400 US films,
- 1750 French films,
- 450 British films,
- 350 Italians films,
- 45 Japanese films, etc.
This version is not a trial version, but just the first third
of the database, including the Directors from A (ABBOTT
George) to F (FURIE Sidney J.) only. Those interested in the
complete version, from A to Z, should register to get the
complete version. The fee is 12 Euros only.
CINEFAN is presented under 2 forms : . TXT for Mac (a
FileMaker template is also included) or Psion S5 or Revo, and
.dbf for Psion.

System requirements:
>From syst. 7 to 9, if you have a database program such as

For more information, please read the documentation enclosed,
or visit my Web page:

Here is my e-mail :