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CharToReturn (char-11-toreturn.hqx)

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Subject: CharToReturn

Platform: Macintosh
OS: 7.0
Category: FileMaker PlugIn, Developer Editord, Text Utility
Licence: Shareware
Author: Lorenzo Puleo
Download at:

FileMaker exports text file with "char 11" (a little rectangle) instead
of the real carriage RETURN? This shareware converts the exported text
files on the fly and sets the "char 11" into the real RETURN. Therefore
You can use these right files as you want (eg. import directly in
XPress). Two little FileMaker and XPress files are included in this

FileMaker, PlugIn, Char11, Char13, RETURN, Utilities, TextFiles, Text,
Macintosh, XPress, Carriage Return, Text, char 11, char 13.