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CerealStore v1.01 (cereal-store-101.hqx)

Download cereal-store-101.hqx (598,992 KB)

From: Peter Leonard
Subject: CerealStore v1.01

CerealStore v1.01 ReadMe

CerealStore is the second release in the EZSoftware simple software series.
CerealStore is an easy to use database to store the serial numbers for all
your software. With CerealStore you'll never find yourself in a situation
where you need to reinstall a particular piece of software and have
misplaced the serial number.

CerealStore is shareware. If you continue to use the software after 10 days,
please register the software by making a $10 US Paypal payment to: By registering your software, you'll receive a copy
of CerealStore with the nagging "please register" window removed, as well as
free updates. Future updates will include the ability to print which is
currently being implemented.

Please visit for the lastest version and
other software.

CerealStore v1.01 @2002 Peter E. Leonard