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Blue Box Invoices 1.1 (blue-box-invoices-11.hqx)

Download blue-box-invoices-11.hqx (2,887,630 KB)

Subject: Blue Box Invoices 1.1

Are you a Freelancer, Consultant, or Contractor looking for a simple Invoicing
program that will:

+ Allow you to enter invoices quick & easy?
+ Centralize client/company information?
+ Track yearly and quarterly of both paid & unpaid invoices?
+ Calculate and include sales tax on all or selected items?
+ Use a flexible Invoice numbering system?
+ Print Invoices and linked envelopes?
+ Create customized list of billable items?
+ Link billable items back to generated revenues?
+ Allow information entry using pull down lists or by typing?
+ Allow a customized header including a full color graphic?

Try out Blue Box Invoices, which does all of the above, and more!

Created by two freelancers, for freelancers.

Macintosh and Windows versions available! Extensive Manual in PDF format!

New Version 1.1! Import your data from version 1.0!

Be sure to sign the guest book and let us know what you think, and tell us how
your using it.

Just head on over to, and look for "Blue Box