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BarWare Deluxe 2.5 (barware-deluxe-25.hqx)

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Subject: BarWare Deluxe 2.5

[+] OS X Aqua interface.
[+] 775 Classic and Non-traditional drinks.
[+] Recipes can be Dragged and Dropped into BarWare Deluxe.
[+] Built-in Bar Guide.
[+] Built-in Dictionary.
[+] Built-in Help.
[+] Adapts to monitor depth.
[+] Print one or several recipes on page.
[+] Print or View an Index of recipes.
[+] Unlimited recipes can be added.
[+] BarWare remembers your password.
[+] User-definable Internet buttons.
[+] Easy Navigation and Interface.
[+] Optional color printing.

Party time is right around the corner... Surprise your friends with your
bartending skills! BarWare Deluxe is a bartending guide, giving you
instructions on everything from making classic drinks to building your
mixology vocabulary. Mixing a great drink starts with a great recipe and you
can find 775 of them with BarWare Deluxe. It doesn't matter how limited your
bar is you can find the perfect recipe. Not only can you find by Name, but
you can also find by Spirit, Mixer, Liqueur, Garnish, Time of the Year, and
Glass it's served in or any combination thereof. For an example, if you only
have Gin and Orange Juice in your bar you can find a recipe by selecting
those items in the pop-up menus and clicking find. Print single recipes or
several, even an index for quick reference. BarWare has a built-in Internet
Resource Guide, Bar Guide and Help.

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