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Article Archivist 1.0 (article-archivist-10.hqx)

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Subject: Article Archivist 1.0

[+] OS X Aqua interface.
[+] Manages an unlimited number of magazines.
[+] User definable keywords and categories.
[+] Works with any magazine.
[+] Auto Saves.
[+] Prints lists or detailed forms.
[+] Clean and pleasing Graphical Interface.

Organize your magazines quickly with Article Archivist. If you have a hobby
or special interest, you no doubt have a collection of magazines to go with
it. With Article Archivist you can save info about articles that you thought
were helpful or interesting.
Hereƕs an example.. if you have a cooking magazine subscription you probably
see a lot of recipes that you would like to try, but don't have time right
that second to enter them into CookWare Deluxe. With Article Archivist you
can just make note of it, then later when you have time you can add the
recipes to CookWare Deluxe.
To use AA you simply choose from a list of magazines (more can be added)
then add the title of the article and some keywords from the pop-up menus
and you're on way. Now you when you want to make Chicken simply ask AA to
find Chicken and it will show you every Chicken Dish in your magazine
collection even the page number and where you stored the magazine. The same
idea can be applied to any magazine (i.e. pets, travel, cars, health,
computers etc.). AA is completely customizable and can manage multiple
magazines at once.

Article Archivist is a perfect companion to use with CookWare Deluxe,
SafeDog, SafeCat, Medical Records and CarCare .

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