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MacburgerHelper (macburger-helper.hqx)

Download macburger-helper.hqx (306,651 KB)

Subject: MacburgerHelper

Perhaps your web site is jam-packed with a heap o' powerful HTML, but you
realize it's next to naked without some equally strong art. Or maybe your
latest bit of Mac app programming is certainly an offering worthy of mega
shareware bucks, but it lacks that graphic je ne sais quois. If this is your
dilemna, then you need MacburgerHelper in your creative kitchen.

Put simply, MacburgerHelper is a set of buttons and patterns presented in a
convenient Mac icon format. Peruse the little artsies, pick, choose, and stick
your choices into your next project. You'll feel better. You'll look better.
Mac users will thank you (and maybe pay you).

A lot of other Mac stuff, especially icons, await your acquisition at my web

Brian Brasher