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LoShuMusic.02 (loshu-music-02.hqx)

Download loshu-music-02.hqx (590,212 KB)

Subject: LoShuMusic.02

THIS POSTING updates LoShuMusic-max.hqx of 07/12/97. Several bugs
were fixed and an entirely new graphic display added.

LoShuMusic.02 is an aleatoric-algorithmic music application, it plays
plesant, abstract music based on the ancient Chinese Lo Shu "magic square"
with a graphic display that alternates between Chinese and Arabic
numerals. Music from math. Learn the Chinese characters for 1- 9! Make
a tape for your car stereo or your Mother-in-law, etc.
YOU NEED: Apple's Quicktime, Sound Manager, System 7.+
DETAILS: LoShuMusic.02 was realized on a Mac 8500 PPC (system 7.5.2)
as an application, using Opcode System's MAX 3.0. program
More in Readme folder. Virus free checked. Compressed by Stuffit Lite.
AVAILABILITY: LoShuMusic.02 is free to individuals for their private
enjoyment, but please don't rip out the graphics and samples and
re-distribute elsewhere. Distribution by CD Rom and other means: OK,
please notify by e-mail. My boss likes to know!