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AfricanMusicMachine.11.hqx (african-music-machine-11.hqx)

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From: Otto Henry
Subject: AfricanMusicMachine.11.hqx

From: Otto Henry
Subject: AfricanMusicMachine-11.hqx : make your own African percussion
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AfricanMusicMachine-11.hqx is an algorithmic stand-alone music
application that allows you to program and play a colorful African drum
and idiophone ensemble. Or, let it program/play itself according to
random settings you select. Learn about African traditional music as you
select and cross different rhythms and instruments.
YOU NEED: Apple's Quicktime 3.0 and Sound Manager 3.0 (+) System 7.+
DETAILS: AfricanMusicMachine-11.hqx was realized on a Mac 8500 PPC
(system 8.5, QT 3.0) using Opcode System's MAX 3.0. program. Virus
checked.Compressed with Stuffit Delux.
AVAILABILITY: AfricanMusicMachine-11 is free to individuals for their
private enjoyment. Distribution by CD Rom and other means: OK, please
notify by e-mail.

***************** ***********

QUICKSTART: Locate the AfricanMusicMachine .app in the program folder
and double click on it. Hit the space bar to start and stop. The music
plays on the Mac's internal speakers. Hook your computer's audio output
into your HiFi system, if possible.
NO SOUND?: 1). turn on your computer's internal speaker 2). select a
pattern underneath an instrument.
CLIPPING and/orIRREGULAR TEMPO? Turn off virtual memory and re- boot:
MAX hates it!
You do need SoundManager 3.0 + if you want all 10 voices to sound.
Otherwise you might notice some of the instruments "robbing" others.
DO NOT REMOVE the AfricanMusicMachine .app from it's folder (make an
alias?). Close by selecting "QUIT" from the Apple control bar file menu.