Ancient History

All of this software predates 2006. It is for SERIOUSLY OLD MacOS versions. Either MacOS 9 and earlier or PowerPC versions of MacOS X.

ClassicNotePad 1.5

Remember the Note Pad in the Classic MacOS? Well, its back! This notepad has virtually unlimited pages, is resizeable, remembers its contents even when its removed from the dashboard, and supports dragging both to and from it. It also has several different styles - Sys7, OS 8 or a round black theme.

Divinity Deputy 0.9.3

A little progam for people who develop scenarios for Realmz. This program helps you keep track of all the codes for treasures/X-APs/Quests etc.

EZ Pics 1.0.0

A program to batch download sequentially-numbered images in the form of an "EZCode".

Notebook 1.0.1

Is your Dashboard rendered useless by rows of stickies? Have you ever accidentally lost all of them? Ever felt the need to print a sticky or two? Or perhaps you've wished for something a bit larger (or smaller)? NotePad is your solution. Presenting the ultimate widgetized notepad, with built in search, print, and resize functions.

PhotoSite TimeSaviour 1.5

This app will take any old folder (or folders. or folder full of folders) full of pictures and videos, and turn it into a website with thumbnails, image descriptions and much more.

QuickFonts 1.0.1

Ever needed to print a list of all your fonts? Or just wanted to browse through them, one by one? Use this simple app! It has two windows - Font Browser and Font List. The Borwser is a list of all your fonts, where you can preview them with different styles. The List is a printable list of all your fonts, with a selectable sample text in the font itself.

SA Goon World Map 2.0.0

A parser for the world map of SA Goons. Here is the database file needed. Tarkus made the orignal Windows version and the database, but after a hard disk crash the project was dropped, and so was my Mac version.

You need this database file


Studentkatalog OS X (Swedish) 1.0.0

Ett MacOS X interface till skivan "Studentklasserna 2003" från Photomic / Tema skolfoto. Den kam komma att fungera med skivor från tidigare/senare år, men jag har inte testat. Interfacet som ligger på skivan är bara till Windows och MacOS 9, det är därför jag utvecklade denna.


Vågor (Windows, Swedish) 1.0.0

Vågor är ett enkelt program för att se hur vågor interfererar med varandra. Öppna programmet, och dra skjutreglaget fram och tillbaka för att flytta ihop vågorna. När vågorna överlappar varandra visas en svart våg som är summan av de två vågorna.


WinampDB for iTunes 1.0 b1

(WinampDB is offline, due to unknown personal problems of the huy who developed it. we hope it returns in the future) WinampDB is a service that lets you create a dynamic image that always shows the song that's currently playing in your MP3 player. This image can then be inserted into a web-page - maybe your sig on a forum, or maybe your blog.

All of this stuff is for MacOS 9 and earlier and will not run on a machine made after 2006 without emulation.

Divinity Deputy 0.93
A program to assist in editing Realmz scenarios. All it consists of is a list with the columns Explanation, LL (land level), Type and Number. It opens and saves files in a tab-delimited format, so that you can have seperate lists for different scenarios. I have tried to make Divinity Deputy as finder-like as possible, so that it's easy to understand, and use.

[ Needs 7.1 ] [ Screen Shot ]   [ Download ]
PortManipulator 1.0
This small program closes the modem or printer port. Just select it from the popup menu, and click "close".

[ Needs 7.1 ] [ Download ]
MacMail Client 2.0.3
MacMail is a freeware client/server email system for AppleTalk networks, so that you don't have to use TCP/IP or an internet connection to send local intranet email.

MacMail Server 1.5
This is the server, and can be run in the background on just about any mac. It's an application, with an extremely easy-to-use interface, adding a user to the server is just a matter of a few clicks.

MacMail Remote
The Remote program lets you control the server from any computer on the network, provided you have the server password. This is a easy way to troubleshoot and do maintenance without having physical access to the server.

MacMail Plugin Development Kit
This development kit contains the documentation you need to create plugins that extend the functionality of MacMail. You will also need Apples HyperCard authoring tool.
[ Needs 7.1 ][ Needs AppleTalk ] [ Download FAT - 930 kB ] All-in-one download (Client/Server/Remote/PDK)
NewAnswer XCMD 1.0
This XCMD is made to replace HyperCards built-in "Answer" command. It is a modal, appearance manager-savvy, standard dialog box, with more features than the Answer command. For documentation, download the stack, it's about 10 kB.

[ Needs 7.1 ] [ Screen Shot ]   [ Download ]
hasAppearance XFCN
Return a boolean, true if the Appearance Manager is present, false if it ain't. Included in the "NewAnswer" stack.
thePixels XFCN 0.99
This XFCN is a replacment for those "thePixel" and "getPixel" XFCN's. It was created a long time ago after an idea on comp.sys.mac.hypercard and since then I've been too lazy to update it. So now i'll just upload it as it is. It works, is stable and final. OK, it'll go 1.0 as soon as I get feedback that it's stable on systems other than my own (7500+G3/500 card+OS 9.1). Please tell me if it works for you!

[ Download ]
exactLine XFCN 1.0
This XFCN loops thru a return-delimited list of strings and returns "true" if the line matches exactly (case-insensitive) another string you pass to it.

[ Download ]
Remote Access "Connection Status" window edit.
This edit changes the "Connection Status" window in Remote Access / PPP to a much nicer-looking one. (Damn! I can't find the credit to the person who translated this edit to English - If you're out there - email me!) Works with OT/PPP 1.0 and it should work in later versions too (Remote Access too.).
[Screen Shot] (Not that the screenshot is old - thus the window is in swedish)
Extensions Manager Edit
Lets the Extension Manager manage other stuff, like Fonts, Control Strip Items, or whatever you want (that's in the system folder)! Full-color instructions at ResExcellence, easy-to-follow text-based instructions included.
ResEdit Icon Pack
More resource icons for ResEdit. I really like 'em!
[Screen Shot]