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marker-control.sit.hqx (think-c-marker-control-06b.hqx)

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From: (Troy Anderson)
Subject: marker-control.sit.hqx
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 92 10:13:32 PST

This is a new version of Marker Control, a control panel that causes
files in THINK C to be marked and their window positions saved.

% Fixed a bug where if you had the "Only Mark Files Newer Than:"
option OFF and moved a window without making any changes to it,
it set the modified date of the associated file to some time
in the early 1900s.
% Made it so that window positions and sizes are saved even if
you close the windows with "Close All" or by quitting THINK C.
Before, they were only saved if you actually used "Close" from
the File menu.
% Now functions that contain function prototypes as parameters are

Executive Summary
% Save window positions in THINK C.
% Mark functions in source files.
% Drop RMarker ControlS onto your System Folder and restart.
Open the RMarker ControlS control panel to configure its operation.
% Run THINK C and notice the difference.
- Window positions are saved (open a file, move its window,
close it, reopen it to try this out)
- Command-click on the title bar of source file windows to
see a list of the functions in that file.
% #pragma mark // to mark things other than functions
% #pragma markOff // turn marking off until the end of the file or a #pragma markOn
% #pragma markOn // turn marking back on

Brought to you by Troy Anderson