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Reference Link 1.2 extension (reference-link-12.hqx)

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From: (Jim Walker)
Subject: Reference Link 1.2 extension
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 93 19:19:29 EST
Organization: Department of Mathematics, Univ. of S. Carolina

Reference Link is an INIT that makes THINK Reference 2.0 easier to use if
you have System 7. With Reference Link installed, you can do a modified
double-click on a word in a text editor or word processor, whereupon the
word will be looked up in THINK Reference 2.0. Alternately, you can first
select a word or phrase, and then type a certain keystroke, and the selected
text will be looked up in THINK Reference. Use that keystroke again to jump
back to the editor. Freeware by James W. Walker.

V. 1.1.1 fixes a conflict with Logitech's MouseKey.

V. 1.2 adds a template lookup keystroke, and eliminates the background