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Think Pascal Universal Header 2.1 Project (1.0.1) (pascal-univ-headers-21-101.hqx)

Download pascal-univ-headers-21-101.hqx (10,642 KB)

From: (Dr. Benway)
Subject: Think Pascal Universal Header 2.1 Project (1.0.1)

This is the Universal Header Project minus the object code. As you can see,
it saves about 1.8 MB of disk space. This should replace the project I sent
to you previously.

This project contains nearly all of the Universal Header interface files
which were recently released for Think Pascal by Symantec. It includes
every header file which builds without modification, i.e., all but four or
five. The files have been placed in correct dependency order.

Just tell the project where you keep your interface files and build.