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Think Pascal Universal Header 2.1 Project (1.0.1) (pascal-univ-headers-21-101.hqx)

Download pascal-univ-headers-21-101.hqx (10,642 KB)

From: (Dr. Benway)
Subject: Think Pascal Universal Header 2.1 Project (1.0.1)

This is the Universal Header Project minus the object code. As you can see,
it saves about 1.8 MB of disk space. This should replace the project I sent
to you previously.

This project contains nearly all of the Universal Header interface files
which were recently released for Think Pascal by Symantec. It includes
every header file which builds without modification, i.e., all but four or
five. The files have been placed in correct dependency order.

Just tell the project where you keep your interface files and build.

Reference Link 1.2 extension (reference-link-12.hqx)

Download reference-link-12.hqx (11,211 KB)

From: (Jim Walker)
Subject: Reference Link 1.2 extension
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 93 19:19:29 EST
Organization: Department of Mathematics, Univ. of S. Carolina

Reference Link is an INIT that makes THINK Reference 2.0 easier to use if
you have System 7. With Reference Link installed, you can do a modified
double-click on a word in a text editor or word processor, whereupon the
word will be looked up in THINK Reference 2.0. Alternately, you can first
select a word or phrase, and then type a certain keystroke, and the selected
text will be looked up in THINK Reference. Use that keystroke again to jump
back to the editor. Freeware by James W. Walker.

V. 1.1.1 fixes a conflict with Logitech's MouseKey.

V. 1.2 adds a template lookup keystroke, and eliminates the background

OneClick SPM palette (spm-palettes.hqx)

Download spm-palettes.hqx (16,725 KB)

From: Dan Crevier

Subject: OneClick SPM palette

SPM Palette is a OneClick palette for use with the Symantec Project

Manager (Symantec C++ 8.0 or later).


Dan Crevier

CMarker (think-c-cmarker.hqx)

Download think-c-cmarker.hqx (28,388 KB)

Date: Tue, 3 Sep 91 01:31:08 -0700
From: Stuart Cheshire
Subject: CMarker

CMarker 0.6b1

I am posting this on behalf of the friend of mine in England who wrote it.

This is an invaluable utility for Think C.

It places a little button next to the close box in the title bar of each source
file window, and when you click on it, a menu of all the functions in the file
drops down. By selecting a name from the menu, it will automatically move to
that function. It makes it incredibly quick to find your way around source
files, especially large ones.

The other useful feature it has is to do with comments. C comments do not nest,
so if you have a block of C full of comments, and you want to comment out the
whole block, then just naively putting comment marks at the beginning and the
end of the block will not work. CMarker allows you to select a block of text,
choose the 'Comment' command from the menu, and it will comment the whole block,
in a way so that the embedded comments don't mess it up. When you later select
the same block again, the menu option changes to 'UnComment' and it will
reverse the changes it made.

This is all it does, but it does it job extremely well. It is unobtrusive,
reliable, and doesn't take much memory. I like it because it does what I
want, and does it well, instead of doing 100 things poorly, which seems to
be the case with so many utilities these days.

This utility has been tested successfully with System 6.0.x and System 7.
It was written for THINK C 4, but works fine with the new THINK C 5.


marker-control.sit.hqx (think-c-marker-control-06b.hqx)

Download think-c-marker-control-06b.hqx (23,657 KB)

From: (Troy Anderson)
Subject: marker-control.sit.hqx
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 92 10:13:32 PST

This is a new version of Marker Control, a control panel that causes
files in THINK C to be marked and their window positions saved.

% Fixed a bug where if you had the "Only Mark Files Newer Than:"
option OFF and moved a window without making any changes to it,
it set the modified date of the associated file to some time
in the early 1900s.
% Made it so that window positions and sizes are saved even if
you close the windows with "Close All" or by quitting THINK C.
Before, they were only saved if you actually used "Close" from
the File menu.
% Now functions that contain function prototypes as parameters are

Executive Summary
% Save window positions in THINK C.
% Mark functions in source files.
% Drop RMarker ControlS onto your System Folder and restart.
Open the RMarker ControlS control panel to configure its operation.
% Run THINK C and notice the difference.
- Window positions are saved (open a file, move its window,
close it, reopen it to try this out)
- Command-click on the title bar of source file windows to
see a list of the functions in that file.
% #pragma mark // to mark things other than functions
% #pragma markOff // turn marking off until the end of the file or a #pragma markOn
% #pragma markOn // turn marking back on

Brought to you by Troy Anderson

THINK C Project Printer 1.1 (think-c-printer-11.hqx)

Download think-c-printer-11.hqx (7,526 KB)

Date: Tue, 22 Sep 92 21:41:29 -0400
From: "Phil Shapiro"
Subject: THINK C Project Printer 1.1

This is an FKEY that produces a list of files in any THINK C project
that can be saved to disk or printed out. This can be useful for
archiving project information, should a disk copy get corrupted.

New in this version:

- '040 cache compatible (duh!)
- lists files in correct order
- produces per-segment totals
- optionally produces alphabetized list of files in project

This hack is free.


Phil Shapiro Software Engineer
Language Products Group Symantec Corporation

---------------- think-c-project-printer-11.sit.hqx ----------------

THINK Power 1.0b4 (think-power-10b4.hqx)

Download think-power-10b4.hqx (58,249 KB)

From: (Stefan Arentz)
Subject: THINK Power 1.0b4
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 1994 21:52:06 +0200

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

THINK Power 1.0b4 - Copyright, 1993 Stefan Arentz. All Rights Reserved.

+ What is it?

THINK Power is a tool for developers who use the THINK Project Manager. It
adds several features to the editor to make you more productive:

++ PopUp Functions: Click in a source code window's content region with the
command key down and a popup menu appears with all function and method
names contained in that file. If you choose a function name, that function
is selected and showed at the top of the window.

++ Extensions: THINK Power can call external code modules. These modules
live in the "THINK Power Extensions" folder in your Extensions Folder.
Externals can modify the contents of a window by using THINK Power's
callback routines.

++ Kissing: If you type a '{', '[' or '(', then THINK Power will highlight
the matching '}', ']' or ')'.

++ Stacking and Tiling of windows: It's still a mystery to me why the THINK
Project Manager doesn't have window stacking and tiling options. Anyway, I
added them to THINK Power.

I suppose this should go to the /info-mac/dev/ directory...

-- Stefan

Content-Type: application/mac-binhex40; name="THINK_Power_1.0=4.sit"
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="THINK_Power_1.0=4.sit"

[*] Think PM / AScript Patch 1.0 (think-project-manager-as-11-patch.hqx)

Download think-project-manager-as-11-patch.hqx (4,375 KB)

Subject: [*] Think PM / AScript Patch 1.0
Date: Mon, 23 May 1994 22:12 GMT

From: Alessandro Levi Montalcini

Think Project Manager 7.0 / AppleScript 1.1 Patch 1.0

This is a quick hack I had to write because AppleScript 1.1
didn't seem to work right with Think Project Manager 7.0. The
gave me plenty of "Think Project Manager got an error: can't
make some data into the expected type" (i.e. errAECoercionFail).
This patch forces a different keyword in the apple event that
is sent to the Think Project Manager and it seems to work (at
least on my machines). See documentation for more info.

[*] THINK Reference 2.0.1 Updater (think-reference-201-updt.hqx)

Download think-reference-201-updt.hqx (90,977 KB)

Date: Sun, 16 May 1993 14:46:04 -0500
From: (Tony Huang)
Subject: [*] THINK Reference 2.0.1 Updater

This will update THINK Reference 2.0 to 2.0.1. It fixes a few bugs.

Tony Huang

THINK Scripts 1.2.1.sit.hqx (think-scripts-121.hqx)

Download think-scripts-121.hqx (40,652 KB)

From: Reinder Verlinde
Subject: THINK Scripts 1.2.1.sit.hqx
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 94 22:38:27 +0100

THINK Scripts 1.2.1

Five AppleScript droplets for use in combination with Symantec C++ 6.0.1.
Items new in versions 1.2 and 1.2.1 are marked with a bullet. The only
difference between versions 1.2 and 1.2.1 is that the scripts from version
1.2 were compiled with AppleScript 1.1, making them unusable for owners of
Applescript version 1.0.

Note to moderators: This release replaces previous versions archived as


(or something like that)

THINK Bring Up to Date
THINK Bring Up to Date & Shut
THINK Compact Projects
THINK Remove Objects
THINK Set Options

These scripts are freeware and may be included on CD-ROM collections.

Reinder Verlinde (