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Welcome! v1.3.2 (welcome-132.hqx)

Download welcome-132.hqx (21,443 KB)

From: (Donna Foster)
Subject: Welcome! v1.3.2
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 93 22:58:49 EST

Enclosed is the app and source for Welcome, an app which uses the Speech
Manager to read you the date, time, and a short message. (Run it between 6
and 12 on the 24th of December for a sample...) It's based on Welcome2,
an old app which used MacinTalk. If the author is out there somewhere, I'd
be happy to credit you....

Version 1.3.2 fixes two bugs--one appeared the week of Thanksgiving, when I
forgot to check whether I had typed == or =, and one appeared October 31,
when nothing happened. :-) This version is postcardware. Version 2.0, coming
out soon, will be customizable with ResEdit. Version 3.0, if ever, will let
you do it from within the program....