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WDEF PAtch from apple:further changes (wdef-patch-21-c.hqx)

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Subject: WDEF PAtch from apple:further changes
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 92 11:18:03 GMT

Hi, netters
WDEFPatch is an Apple sample code snippet that shows how to
add in a clean way a new behaviour to an existing WDEF. It adds
a new part in the window title bar that, when clicked, is reported
to the application. I implemented the tracking of that part.
In case you downloaded the improved WDEFPatch (originally from
Steve Falkenburg), in the meantime I discovered a funny quirk
in the system software WDEF. (at least, sys 7's). I found it
when adding a zoom box to the window. Falkenburg's had not, neither
did my original improvement. It can only be the system's misbehaviour
but luckily a workaround could be found very easily (and is clean).
I included the two apps. The one without workaround and one with it.
Read the source for details. Then laugh when you see what happens.
I feel my new knowledge can be useful also to others.
Enclosed is a binhexed-compactpro archive.
Roberto Avanzi.