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Voyager Cursor v1.09 (voyager-emblem-cursor-109.hqx)

Download voyager-emblem-cursor-109.hqx (42,513 KB)

Subject: Voyager Cursor v1.09

Voyager Cursor v1.09

This is my seventh attempt for making shareware. This will replace your normal
boring black cursor with this nice icon of a Star Trek Voyager emblem. I hope
you like these cursors I am making and have made in the past.

This should be compatible with any Mac, I have tested it on a variety of
different macs like Power Mac 5200, 5260 and also on LC 575-580's. A couple of
my friends have also tried it on their machines. If you come accross any problems
just let me know at

Disclaimer: If anything is to happen to your Mac while you are using
thisŠwellŠtoo badŠbecuase you cannot blame me. You use this at your own risk. I
have not had any problems with it, so I doubt that you will either.

This is $3 shareware, I don't think that is too much to ask, I am going to need
every little dollar to keep making stuffŠŠŠif you feel generous you may pay more
but I ask that you atleast please send the $3. You can send it to:

Sylvan J. Furness 409 Main Street, P.O. Box 51 Hanlontown, Iowa 50444

Sylvan Furness