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vListMngr10.sit.hqx (vlist-mngr-demo-10-p.hqx)

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Subject: vListMngr10.sit.hqx

vListMngr is a package (source code) of Pascal routines which implement creation and
management of Lists with variable column width, and up to four lines of header
text per column. The column headers behave like spreadsheet headings, staying
fixed on the screen while the cells scroll vertically, and tracking the columns
when cells are scrolled horizontally. vListMngr also provides utilities for
multiple cell selection and copying and editing cell text. The programming
interface to vListMngr is very similar to that of the standard List Manager, and
existing programs will require very little modification to incorporate the new
features. However, this version of vListMngr does not support some standard List
Manager capabilities, such as custom LDEF's, the Search function, or selection

The archive contains a 68K demo program, documentation, and THINK Pascal source
code for vListMngr and the demo program. The package was written to provide
flexible entry of fairly large tables of data for scientific instrument control
systems and has been tested on several 68000 - 68040 machines under System 6,
System 7.1, and System 7.5. The code may be used, modified, and distributed
freely provided that no profit is derived therefrom and the author is duly

Jeff Brewster