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Visual Balloons for PowerPlant (visual-balloons-dr-2.hqx)

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Subject: Visual Balloons for PowerPlant

Visual Balloons(tm) for PowerPlant
Developer Release 2
Written by Andreas Pizsa
Copyright ©¿1997 Andreas Pizsa (Tools & Toys)
All rights reserved.

What it does
Visual Balloons is the easiest way to add Balloon Help to your
PowerPlant projects. With Visual Balloons, you simply drag a help
balloon from the PowerPlant Catalog window to any of your PowerPlant
Panes, and Visual Balloons does the rest!

+ Seamless integration with PowerPlant Constructor
+ Easy to use through Drag & Drop
+ No sublcassing required
+ Installs in less than 5 minutes
+ only two additional lines of code to write
+ supports "embedded" strings, styled text, 'STR ' and 'STR#'
resources, and PICTs

System Requirements
Visual Balloons will work on any computer that has System 7 or later
installed. Visual Balloons disables itself automatically when running
on a pre-System 7 computer.

For development, you'll need CodeWarrior and PowerPlant Constructor.
Since the Balloon editors were created as CTYP resources, Constructor
must support those resources (I think CTYPs have been supported since CW

What's new in this release (reverse chronological order) DR 2 + Easier
to use: there are now only two 68K libraries, one for model near and one
for model far + Improved stability: Balloon Toggler no longer crashes
when not attached to an LControl (thnx to Willis Morse,

Copyright & Legal Stuff
Visual Balloons was developed by and is (c) Andreas Pizsa. All rights
reserved Visual Balloons, the Visual Balloons logo, Tools & Toys and
the Tools & Toys Logo are trademarks by Andreas Pizsa. All rights
reseved. BalloonHelp is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. PowerPlant
is a trademark of Metrowerks.