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dev - TurboTCP update (again) (turbo-tcp-201-cpp.hqx)

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Date: Tue, 22 Nov 1994 23:32:30 -0600
From: (Eric Scouten)
Subject: dev - TurboTCP update (again)

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Attached is a copy of TurboTCP 2.0.1. This should be placed in a
development libraries directory and replace any previous version of
TurboTCP. This version fixes a minor compile-time error with 2.0.




The TurboTCP class library integrates the Think Class Library with Apple's
MacTCP driver. This library provides robust support for most TCP/IP
applications on the Macintosh. Its major features include: asynchronous
operation (TurboTCP does not use "polling loops"), high-speed automatic
data receiving mechanism, mix-in architecture, robust error recovery, and
background friendly.

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