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TransSkel Pascal 2.5; Pascal library with source code. (trans-skel-25-p.hqx)

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Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 11:08:22 +0100
Subject: TransSkel Pascal 2.5; Pascal library with source code.

TransSkel is an excellent library, written by Paul DuBois and translated
to Pascal by Owen Hartnett. It takes care of most tedious standard
tasks for you, like event, menu and window handling, calling procedures
that you provide when something interesting happens.

TransSkel Pascal 2.5 is a modernized version of TransSkel Pascal 2.0,
which is severely outdated by now. There is a version 3 of the C version,
which can be used from Pascal, but as Paul states himself, it is
very convenient to have the full code available, and I really like
TransSkel in the form of a single, not too lange file that I can add to
my projects. Also included are the plug-ins TransDisplay and TransEdit,
and several demos.

Projects for Think Pascal and Metrowerks Pascal (MPW interfaces)

This new version was made by Ingemar Ragnemalm and is in the Public
Domain just as the original TransSkel.