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TimGA 1.2 Source Code (PowerPlant/C++) (tim-ga-12-source.hqx)

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Subject: TimGA 1.2 Source Code (PowerPlant/C++)

TimGA 1.2 Source Code (C++/PowerPlant)

This package includes the full PowerPlant based C++ source code for
TimGA - a genetic algorithm based graph drawing application for Macintosh.
The code specifically demonstrates the use of ...

* a genetic algorithm to draw graphs nicely
* Metrowerks' PowerPlant framework
* PowerPlant's new grayscale appearance controls
* AGA Slider class by James Jennings
* Metrowerks' Standard Library (MSL)

* CodeWarrior 11 or later
* MSL 2.1.1 (available from or later
* PowerPlant grayscale classes v.1.1.1 (available from Metrowerks)
* some sort of C++ skills...