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3D Game Machine Demo description (threed-game-machine-demo.hqx)

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Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 06:12:57 +0200
From: (Virtually Unlimited)
Subject: 3D Game Machine Demo description

The "3D Game Machine" is an API-style toolbox for 3D arcade games and
interactive multimedia applications development, it includes a real-time 3D
rendering library and a whole set of routines for manipulating 3D virtual

The main features are:

- simple easy-to-use interface
- very fast rendering
- full "virtual" 3D worlds with six degrees of freedom
- free-form texture mapping with optional flat-shading
- material and light properties
- convex/cave polygons with unlimited number of vertices
- unlimited number of light sources
- dynamic hidden surface removal
- special graphic modes for fast full-screen animation
- automated shape behaviors

3D Game Machine is especially destined to Game Developers who wish to
create fast 3D arcade games without the need to get into the problems of 3D
algorithms. 3DGM is also intended for interactive multimedia and
educational applications who need to run on a broad number of machines,
from an entry-level color Macintosh to the latest PowerMac. 3DGM currently
works on PowerMacs only, however.

3DGM has been optimized especially for games, its aim is to achieve fluid
animations through very high frame rates -- even at full screen resolution,
and permforms well even in low-memory situations. It supports free-form
shaded texture mapping, with a speed of up to 15 frames per second on an
640 x 480 window completely texture-mapped with arbitrarily angled
polygons, rendered on a PowerMac 6100/60.

The "3D Game Machine Demo" has 8 different sequences that show how fast
3DGM renders, it also allows to save documentation files.

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Enjoy the demo !