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Think C dcmd 1.0.1 (think-dcmd-101-c.hqx)

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Date: Wed, 7 Sep 1994 10:43:38 +0200
From: Patrick Stadelmann
Subject: Think C dcmd 1.0.1

Hi !

This package will allow you to write dcmds (debugger commands)
in Think C. It contains the glue code necessary to link the
"dcmd.o" library, and Think Put, a collection of routines to
create formatted output in dcmds.

To use this package, you need the "dcmd.o" library and the
"dcmd.h" header from Apple Computer, Inc. These files are
available along with MacsBug from in the
dts/mac/tools/macsbug/ directory.

Changes since version 1.0 :

- Now compatible with "TestDcmd". "Break on entry" didn't work
with version 1.0.
- The "@1." project now has the "Use MacsBug name" flag set.
- Renamed global variables.
- Some fixes in the doc.

IMPORTANT : There is no change in the interface between
version 1.0 and 1.0.1. Thus, there is no need
to modifiy your code.

This package is freeware and may be distributed freely.

Written by P. Stadelmann
Feel free to contact me if you have comments, suggestions or
bugs to report.