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source/pascal - TCPOOExample 1.0.0 (tcp-oo-example-10.hqx)

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Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1993 15:07:21 +0800
From: Peter N Lewis
Subject: source/pascal - TCPOOExample 1.0.0

This is some example code to demonstrate the use of my Object
Oriented TCP units. These units implement a relatively high level
interface to MacTCP, and allow fairly easy writing of TCP
applications in Pascal using event driven, object oriented
programming. The example program is not a full shell,
it simply implements a very basic finger to a fixed user@host.
It should be fairly easy to understand. I've used the code in many
apps, most of which are available from various ftp sites, or from in /others/peterlewis.

Hope its useful to someone,

TCPOOExample v1.0.0 Copyright 1993 Peter N Lewis