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Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1992 14:05:12 +0800
From: Peter N Lewis
Subject: source/pascal/TaskManager-211P.hqx

Peter N Lewis Ph: +61 9 368 2055
The Task Manager
Version 2.2.1P

This software source package is Copyright 1990 91 by Michael Hecht.
All Rights Reserved. It may be freely distributed in source or object
code format; however, the source code may not be sold for profit or
charged for in any way.

The Task Manager is a package for creating and managing tasks-separate
execution threads that run nonpreemptively in the background. Tasks
should periodically call a Task Manager yielding routine to allow other
tasks to run. Tasks are ideal for lengthy processes that you would
like to run in the background, since the task runs in a separate
execution thread from your event loop.

Michael Hecht wrote The Task Manager using THINK C 5.0.1, and I
converted in to Pascal using THINK Pascal 4.0.1. The documentation
is unchanged from Michael's, so it refers to C prodcedure's, but
I'm sure you can figure it out.

Hope its useful to someone,

Task Manager v2.2.1P Copyright 1990-92 Michael Hecht