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Program for the Archives (rotate-ppc-01d1-c.hqx)

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From: (Craig Kloeden)
Subject: Program for the Archives
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 1994 15:22:52 +0930

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RotatePPC 0.1d1

This is a Power Macintosh only program that reads a set of
3-dimensional points and lines and plots them in a window.
The image can then be rotated with the mouse in real time.

The provided source code demonstates a basic PPC C program
that can handle the required apple events, set up and use
an offscreen GWorld, get a file using StandardFile and
read that file with standard C routines.

The resource file contains code that will put up an alert
on non-PPC machines and quit.

The project file is for the Metrowerks PPC C DR/3 compiler.

Craig Kloeden