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ProTracker-source.sit.hqx (pro-tracker-asm.hqx)

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From " (Jamal Hannah)" Wed Sep 8 03:00:20 1993
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 93 19:22:59 -0400

To: info-mac@SUMEX-AIM.Stanford.EDU
From: (Jamal Hannah)
Subject: ProTracker-source.sit.hqx
Resent-To: backmod
Resent-Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1993 1:45:56 PDT
Resent-From: Info-Mac Moderator

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Please place this file on the info-mac FTP site, either in a source code
directory, or in info-mac/snd/util (or a directory for sound and music
format documentation).

This is the 68000 assembler source code for the Amiga music sequencing/sound
track editor called "ProTracker", the source and images for versions 1.2 and
2.0 are included. Hopefully it will help Macintosh programmers achive a better
understanding of the "MOD" Music file format that ProTracker uses, as well as
give ideas about writing sound track software.

The origional (LHARC) archive was found on FTP site in the
"aminet" section. (/systems/amiga/aminet/mus/edit/ptsource.lzh)

- Jamal Hannah , 9/7/93

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