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Submission of MacPDB2POV (pdb-to-pov-c.hqx)

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Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 18:22:33 +1100
From: Richard Rothwell
Subject: Submission of MacPDB2POV

This file contains the source code for the Macintosh port of PDB2POV
Copyright (C) 1992, 1993 Eric G. Suchanek, Ph.D.
Mac port: Copyright C 1995, all rights reserved, Richard G. Rothwell, Ph.D.

What does it do?
MacPDB2POV assists in the creation of photorealistic ball and
stick images of molecules.
MacPDB2POV reads a protein data bank file and uses that to write a
Persistence of Vision Ray (POVRay) ray tracer file.
A MacMolecule format file or many others can be converted into the pdb format
using MacBabel. MacBabel is available on the net.
POVRay renders the data in the pov format file to produce photorealistic images
of the molecule. POVRay is also available on the net.

How is it used?
To use this program with the existing example file,
double click on MacPDB2POV and type the command "pdb2pov bucky bucky -h -s -c
-b -d 0.9"
onto the command line. The command can be copied from the document "Bucky
and pasted onto the command line. As long as the .pdb file exists in the same
folder as
MacPDB2POV that file will be read and status information written to the screen.
A .pov file will be written to disk. When the program finishes use the File menu
to quit.

The .pov file may have to be edited to fit the image into its window when you
render it.
The camera view point distance is probably the easiest thing to change,
although there may be better things to alter.

This program was ported to the Mac by Richard Rothwell:
But the program originates with:
Eric G. Suchanek, Ph.D
His home page URL is: