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Painted Black 0.91ß source kit (painted-black-091b-c.hqx)

Download painted-black-091b-c.hqx (42,525 KB)

From: (Hubert Figuiere)
Subject: Painted Black 0.91ß source kit

Hello everybody.

After request from few peoples, I'm proud to release today the "Painted
Black 0.91beta source Kit".
Huh, what is it ? It is just the _Copyrighted_ C sources of a small
screensaver I have written few month ago.
It is probably buggy, but it works and does not crash the machine !! Don't
worry, I'll update the application (but perhaps not the source, I'll see).
Include project for CodeWarrior 6 and 7 and original application.

Read the "read me" included.

Note to archivists :
-this package should go to the /sources directory of the archive
-the original Painted Black 0.91beta has already been posted.
Note to others :
-feel free to have fun.