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Offscreen Toys (Boost) 1.3 (Pascal source) (offscreen-toys-13-demo-p.hqx)

Download offscreen-toys-13-demo-p.hqx (35,537 KB)

From: Ingemar Ragnemalm
Subject: Offscreen Toys (Boost) 1.3 (Pascal source)

Offscreen Toys is a stand-alone sprite animation demo with full source code.
(Please don't confuse it with Offscreen Toys SAT, which looks the same but
uses Sprite Animation Toolkit.) I wrote this as a simple sprite demo, though
I got a bit over-ambitious, putting in a lot of not entirely trivial things.

You will find the following:
- The standard Mac event loop and event handling.
- Setting up GWorlds.
- Using CopyBits between GWorlds.
- Preloading graphics to GWorlds.
- Animation.
- Using BitMapToRegion to create a mask region for CopyBits.
- Collision detection.
- Collision handling.

Think and Metrowerks Pascal source-code.

/Ingemar Ragnemalm