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src/pascal - Morpion 1.0.0 (morpion-100-p.hqx)

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From: Peter N Lewis
Subject: src/pascal - Morpion 1.0.0
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1993 17:30:00 +0800

This is the Pascal source code for Morpion v1.0.0, a simple
solitaire game, initially designed by Henri Lamiraux.

The source code contains lots of interesting stuff:

Demonstrates the usefulness of building library routines (only
three of the included source files are particular to Morpion).
Support for the core AppleEvents
Support for FMenus which make you menu locations independent
of the code that implements them.
Supports for the TextToSpeech Manager.
Demonstrates OO techniques for implementing windows as objects.
Code for reading your own Version resource.
And lots of useful general purpose routines.

You can use this source code for any non-commercial purpose.

Hope it is useful to someone,

Morpion v1.0.0 Copyright 1993 Peter N Lewis