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nShell v1.5.0 Mega Source (mega-source-150-nshell.hqx)

Download mega-source-150-nshell.hqx (318,860 KB)

Date: Sun, 1 Jan 1995 09:36:13 -0800 (PST)
From: John Jensen
Subject: nShell v1.5.0 Mega Source

Source code is provided for the following nShell(tm) commands: ask,
battery, beep, cat, chattr, cp, date, dec, delay, df, du, echo, eq, find,
fss, gestalt, grep, head, hello, inc, launch, ls, man, match, mem, mkdir,
mv, notify, odoc, ps, read, rm, sfget, sfput, shift, tail, unlock, wc,
and yesno.

It is assumed that you have downloaded and installed the nShell
application and its Programmer's Guide. These packages are available
from a number of on-line sources.

The nShell is a traditional scripting environment for the Apple
Macintosh. The shell is available in two forms. A light version, called
nShell(tm), is freely distributable for non-commercial purposes. A second
version, called nShell-Pro(tm), is available as a commercial product.
Our goal is to make the shell environment available to as many users as
possible, while providing serious users with the support and reliability
of a full commercial product.

Contact: John Jensen

EMail:,, or

Mail: Newport Software Development, P.O. Box 1485, Newport Beach, CA 92659