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MacZoop 2.1b1 (mac-zoop-21b1.hqx)

Download mac-zoop-21b1.hqx (770,148 KB)

From: Tom Riley
Subject: MacZoop 2.1b1

MacZoop represents one of the most straightforward and most rewarding ways
to program the Macintosh. With very little effort, you can be right up to
speed developing your next great Mac application, without all that tedious
mucking about worrying about the event loop and all the standard toolbox
code to open windows, etc.

MacZoop is aimed at beginners to C++ programming, or newcomers to the Mac
platform, and is ideal for small to medium-sized projects. It is supplied
as full open source code, so all programmers should find something useful
in it.

Users of MacZoop 1.x will find themselves right at home in MacZoop 2.0, but
with hundreds of improvements and an even simpler architecture. This is the
most bug-free MacZoop ever released to date, and is utterly rock solid.


Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro recommended