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little_c.hqx - a C interpreter (Think C source) (little-c.hqx)

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Date: Mon, 4 Oct 93 23:34:51 -0700
From: tsyang@dec-9.CE.Berkeley.EDU (Tzong-Shuoh Yang)
Subject: little_c.hqx - a C interpreter (Think C source)

This is the Think C 6.01 version of Little_C -- a subset C interpreter
by Herbert Schildt.

Little C is a C interpreter that can execute a subset of K&R ANSI C
programming language. ANSI C is a robust and powerful programming
language, but the Little C interpreter only implements a limited range
of features. These include: parameterized functions with local variables;
recursion; if statement; do-while, while, and for loops; integer and
character variables; global variables; integer, character, and string
constraints; return statement; several library functions; several
operators; functions returning integers; and comments. A recursive-descent
parser is used to implement the C interpreter. Details of the development,
coding, and functionality of the C interpreter are described in

Schildt, Herbert.
Building your own C interpreter.
Dr. Dobb's Journal of Software Tools v14, n8 (August, 1989):38
(16 pages).

The original source code can be obtained by anonymous ftp from sites with
ddjmag archive, e.g.


T. S. Yang (