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Linked Lists 1.1.sit.hqx (linked-lists-11-c.hqx)

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From " (Michael Terry)" Wed Mar 15 20:41:27 1995
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 23:41:44 -0500
From: (Michael Terry)
Subject: Linked Lists 1.1.sit.hqx

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Enclosed is a submission for the source code folder of Mac development

(This archive can be included in CD ROMs)

LinkedLists version 1.1 are a set of generic linked list classes for use in a C++

environment. They are fairly well commented so you can quickly start using them in

your own applications. The lists can self-sorting provided you override the logical

operators in the class you'll store. Also included is a demo app using them and a

quick how-to sheet on how to implement template classes in Symantec C++. The code

is freeware.