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source/c/JPEG-Convert-src10.hqx (jpeg-convert-c.hqx)

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Date: Sat, 27 Feb 93 12:26:45 CST
From: wf-jim! (Jim Brunner)
Subject: source/c/JPEG-Convert-src10.hqx

This is the source code distribution for version 1.0 of JPEG Convert. JPEG
Convert is a Macintosh application that acts as an interface for the
Independent JPEG Group's code. The Independent JPEG Group's code supports
JPEG conversion to different formats.

This distribution file contains source code only. The pre-compiled
application is available under a separate distribution. This distribution
does not contain the source for the Independent JPEG Group's software;
instructions for obtaining the IJG source are included in this

* Supports system 6 or 7
* Converts JPEG file to/from GIF, PPM, & TARGA
* RLE support available (not in default distribution)
* Supports quantization, dithering, smoothing, grayscale
* Supports batch drag & drop conversion with system 7
* Balloon help and nifty dialogs
* SOURCE CODE IS AVAILABLE (separate distribution)
Jim Brunner (