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HToggleRadioButton 1.2.2 - A PowerPlant Class (htoggle-radio-button-122.hqx)

Download htoggle-radio-button-122.hqx (123,213 KB)

Subject: HToggleRadioButton 1.2.2 - A PowerPlant Class

This class (derived from the PowerPlant class, LToggleButton) attempts to
give the LToggleButton class a radio-button-like behavior (i.e. you can
create a radio group that includes objects of this type and only one
of that group will be "on" at a time).

You can have in the same radio group both these HToggleRadioButton's and
LStdRadioButtons (or any other radio button class) on a radio,
the toggles will all be off. Click on a toggle, the radios will all be

Includes a CTYP resource for ease of editing in Constructor 2.4 and higher
(sorry, no CPPb resource is available).

For complete information, please read the README file enclosed in the

Thanx, and enjoy!

John C. Daub
Hsoi's Shop